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  • Mobile networks

    Planning , Engineering , Commissioning, Optimization and Supervision and maintenance of BSS , NSS of Mobile networks

  • Remote Sensing & GIS

  • Maintenance of Fiber optic and FTTX networks

    Planning , Implementation , Commissioning , Maintenance of Fiber optic and FTTX networks

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About Us


Our company is a well known and reputable company working in different fields of telecommunication in Iran , based in Tehran , with having established branches in 10 major provinces out of 30 provinces of Iran.

We have a very good working relation with both Ministry of P.T.T & Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI) , Mobile Communication Company Of Iran(MCI) ,All mobile operators that enabling us to obtain any kind of endorsement or ratification whereas needed from both these official Telecom administrations and authorities, based on our efficient work performance & quality assurance of our products.

Major Contracts

This company, since its establishment has executed considerable number of High capacity fixed switches, Microwave Radios 2x2 Mb/s, UPS in different capacity, Inverters and Computers our previous project was maintenance of Telecommunication infra structure of 10 provinces in west part of IRAN amounting to 35 million USD.

high capacity Digital Switching Exchanges
Digital Microwave Radios 2x2 Mb/s
UPS in different capacities
Inverters and Computers for our major customers

List Of Major Contracts

1- The TIC contract is consisting of maintenance and expansion of fiber optic networks, radio links, switching exchanges ,data network and management in 8 provinces in western part of Iran ,amounting to 70million USD for TIC. All these activities is going on through our own experts as well as our subcontractors under our direct supervision.

2- The other contracts we have done was including; planning, Site Acquisition, Engineering , Commissioning, Network optimization, Civil work,Installation, TI and Implementation Of GSM networks by our own experts as well as the subcontractors by our direct supervision ,such as the followings;

A- Rollout of 29 sites in Tehran for MCI.
1-Site Acquisition
2-Civil Work

B- Rollout of MTN/IRANCELL networks in region 6.

C- Swap and Expansion of BSS (96 sites) in Tehran for MCI.

D- SA , planning and Implementing and RVT of IBS projects for HUAWEI,

E- Supervision of BSS rollout project for MCI in BOUSHEHR province .

F- Supervision of BSS rollout project for HUAWEI in R2 & R4

3- The other contract was maintenance of 4500 TRXs Of MCI BSS network including BTS s ,BSC s ,and Transmission network in west part of Tehran for five years.

4- The next contract was maintenance of 100 sites Of Rightel (3rd mobile operator) BSS network including NODEBs ,CORE ,and Transmission network in East part of Tehran.
5- TheTCI projects have been completed as follows:

A- Designing ,production, installation, and maintenance for 500k ports switching exchanges in 54 cities some parts by our own experts and some ther parts through our subcontractors.

B- Designing, production , installation, and technical support for 200 radio links(2 and 8 )GHZ.

5- Implementation of mobile network modernization projects for Huawei in Region 3(Khorasans provinces).

6- Implementation of mobile networks project (FDD/TDD) for Huawei in R2.

7- Member of Hemmat consortium regarding to TIC (NOOR II ) fiber optic project of ; Supplying , Implementation , Supervision and maintenance of 8000 KM fiber optic cables of 21 provinces.

Main Activities

Major Customers

In addition to our high considerable number of customers, there are some outstanding Major Customers dealing with us are:

Ministry of PTT

Telecommunication Company of Iran

Telecommunication of Infrastructure Company (TIC)
Data Communication Affairs

National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)

Telecommunication Companies of provinces


The factory, besides having machines related to production and assembly lines, is also equipped with particular machineries including Auto Insertion Machine, SMD Auto Pick & Place Machine and also ICT and Rework Station, inside test and measuring equipment to implement factory tests to ensure the quality control of products.


Human Resources

Whereas we have project based And flexible organization structure . Our employees alters between 50 up to 700 employees (more or less) at service, 5% taking part in our R&D department and 15% in production line. Almost half of this number are holding a University degree of B.Sc , M.Sc and Ph.D., while ΒΌ are holding a technician certificate and the rest are holding high school diploma.


R&D Department

Comkar Communication also established its R&D department with employing about 40 highly qualified expert, mostly engaging to provision the necessary and or required modification on our products , while, they have some certain project at hand, either searching for the invention of new products or trying to enhance and improve the quality of our current products. Totally 5% of our people are taking part in our R&D department .


Financial status

To present a quick image of how our company was proceeding the tasks designated for us on the financial point of view, it will have an outstanding importance to state that our turn over for the last fiscal year 2014 headed to 35 millions USD.

financial status


1) Our factory is Just 21 KM far from Tehran with a total area of 17000 Sqm while a 8000 Sqm Hall plus administrative building is already constructed in it.

2) The headquarter is located at No.217 Moddares high way, beginning of Zafar (Vahid Dastgerdi) Ave. with a 2500 sqm space.


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